Saturday, September 21, 2013

White after labor day. Shh don't tell!

Today I went out to Spring Mountain Ranch for Pioneer Days. The Southern Nevada Living History Association set up a tent and promoted for the upcoming reenactment. I can't believe it's been a year already. 

I had a moment of trepidation, wearing such a summery dress, with fall around the corner, but it was in the 90's today - hot! - so I didn't feel bad for very long. And, big and pouffy as it is, this dress is such a hit with all the little girls, I like wearing it. I was totally one of them when I was that age - haha I still am! 

Obviously, I still get excited about playing dress up...

Today I accessorized with a black silk belt, buckle, brooch at the neck and a sheer paisley shall... from Target! I love it. It's so nice and flowy and sheer. It was perfect for the weather.

And after disrobing (skillfully) in the car, it came with me to lunch at Bonnie Springs, right around the corner from the ranch.

It was a good outfit day, 1860's-wise. My only regret: I found out about the event after getting a manicure... in black. Oopsie. Special thanks to gloves today!

And an interesting first for me... I threw this dress in the washer. The last time I wore it, it was for the Helldorado Parade, and the hem and parts of the skirt were downright black from the greasy asphalt. I shot the spots with Shout Advanced (amazing stuff!), let it sit a day or so, and then threw the whole thing in the wash. Cold water, soak, low spin. I hung it to dry, smoothing out the tucks and wrinkles as best I could. Then yesterday, when I decided to wear it today, I ironed out the skirt and used the steam to work out the wrinkles in the bodice and sleeves. The hem braid shrank a bit, but it was easily stretched back with a little steam iron and stretching it by hand.

It worked out really well. It's really not as scary as I assumed, putting a whole dress in the wash. It looked good today.



  1. The dress is gorgeous and those photos are amazing with the mountains in the background :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, Red Rock is gorgeous! What a backdrop. I think it makes the dress look better ;)

  2. Lovely! You look so crisp and fresh! I bet it was a lot of ironing, though...


    1. Thanks! Miraculously, it wasn't too bad. The wrinkles came out pretty fast, for a natural fabric. Maybe because it is sheer.