Monday, February 27, 2017

A 1930's Wool Blanket Coat for HSM 2: Re-make, Re-use, Re-fashion

Oh, I just love this coat! I made it at the beginning of the month and I've already taken it on two trips to quite cold places and have used it again and again at home. 

The coat is made out of a Woolrich blanket and Wearing History's 1930's Ahwahnee Blanket Coat pattern. The blanket was a bit smaller than the blanket size the pattern calls for, so I had to accommodate by not lining the hood. By choice, I went for more of a sweater than a proper coat, with lining and buttons, etc. Very cozy and warm!

Friday, February 24, 2017

A 1920's Coat

Finally, a quick one about the last coat I made. I meant to post this weeks ago, but then got swept up making some 1930's outfits. More to come on that soon, too! 

This was a great coat. Very warm, nice style. The pattern was from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library. Pattern #1078, the 1920's Ladies' Coat. Great Pattern. It went together very well. 

I made up the coat in black Camel, lined in black silk charmeuse. The coat is partially interlined, as per the pattern's directions, with cotton muslin. 

I kept to the pattern, mostly. I added length at the hem to make a long, warm, ankle-covering, winter coat. I also added in-seam pockets at the hips and a nice big pocket in the lining. I also added a loop at the neckline to hang up the coat.

The pattern had some great details, like the interesting way the sleeves were set in, and the slight gathering on the collar. I chose to make the coat collar to match the coat, so it could be an everyday style. For the party, I added a black fox collar that pins on, to dress the coat up. 

I must say, it wasn't the neatest welt pocket I have ever constructed, but I was on such a deadline! I made the coat in about two days! The little button to the left of the pocket is reinforcing the button on the outside of the coat, so it wouldn't pull through the fabric. It's a fairly heavy coat. And sorry about the fur. I even lint rolled it before I took pictures. This thing is a lint magnet!