Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thanks you's! (And some turn of the century bloomers, too!)

Hi folks!

I've totally disappeared this month. I had so many sewing plans, but you know what they say about best laid plans and all that...

I haven't had a mo to blog, let alone to stitch, but when I checked my email this morning and saw that I had been given the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, I absolutely had to get on the computer and say thank you!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, to the two lovely ladies, Cait, from Curse Words and Crinolines, and The Choll, from Thread-Headed Snippet. It is really so wonderful for me to know that I have passed on something inspiring. I mean, that's what my motivation for blogging is: sharing pretty things and sharing the love :)

Aside from being downright flattered, I am also so grateful you both bestowed me with this award since it inspired me to get back to stitching. I'm so behind!

So, where did I go?

I was so darn busy! My husband and I renovated a house, which was very satisfying, but much more work than HGTV lets on...



Also, not only have I been riding my horse, I started riding western, too. And then promptly dislocated my knee cap. Yay!

But its all good. I was back in the saddle in like a week. Cowgirl up!

I think the brace adds a nice pop of color, or not.

Getting out of an arena is great. Look at the views!

Wayyy up high!

And where has sewing been in all this?

Well, I started a pair of 1900ish bloomers. I was super inspired by the western riding and I pinned a whole mass of early cowgirls. Check it out here

I started the pants and got pretty far along, but they came to a screeching halt a couple weeks back and I really need to get back up to the sewing room. Hopefully, I'll be posting a finished pair soon!

Wool riding bloomers, waiting patiently to be finished.

In other news, my birthday was last week, and my fabulous mom made me the cutest cake! And the table was so pretty. She knows what I like!

I love plates. And silver. And linens. I just love it all!

Bonfire! Don't count them, please ;)

So, thank you so much, again, to Cait and The Choll, for thinking of me. Seriously, so thrilled!

Hope everyone's had a lovely month! Cheers!