Monday, June 3, 2013

A little visit to the LACMA (and a look at a pink anglaise).

While I was in Los Angeles this last weekend, I took a little side trip to the Los Angeles County Art Museum. I'm a big fan of museums. I just love walking around them, and of course, I have to visit the costumes!

Correction. Costume.

There is only one on display right now. One. Boo.

But it was a pretty one, so it was worth it. Another plus, it was displayed in such a way that I could get really, really close to it. So nice to see all the detail!

Scroll on down. I took lots of pictures.

"Silk plain weave (taffeta) with silk
supplimentary-weft patterning."
England, circa 1775
LACMA, M.57.24.8a-b