Saturday, March 1, 2014

New petticoats for HSF #3 and #4.

Happy March everyone! I got delayed on posting challenge #3, so why not post about the projects together?

For challenge three, Pink, I did up an 18th century petticoat of pink check silk. It's not tremendously exciting by itself, but I have future plans for a frilly little caraco to match. I already have fly fringe for it in the works! 

The Challenge: Pink

Fabric: Pink check silk

Pattern: None, just took measurements from a previously made petticoat that fits.

Year: Later 18th century

Notions: Linen tape for waistband.

How historically accurate is it? Appropriate fabric. Appropriate stitches and pattern, to the best of my knowlege.

Hours to complete: I didn't keep track :(

First worn: Not yet

Total cost: The fabric was about $20/yd.


For the fourth challenge, Under It All, I finished up an early 1900's petticoat that I started last year. It's based on the Truly Victorian Circle Skirt pattern, with an extra flounce at the bottom. The flounce and skirt are stiffened with tucks at the hem, to help hold the fabric away from the feet, and support the over skirt.

The Challenge: Under it All

Fabric: White cotton broadcloth

Pattern: Truly Victorian's Circle Skirt Pattern

Year: 1900, give or take. I planned it for 1900-1905, but I suppose the shape could be used for 1890's, too.

Notions: Ribbon, insertion, cotton tape for waist band.

How historically accurate is it? I would think it's fairly accurate to the era. The ribbon is probably poly, though...

Hours to complete: I am so bad at keeping track of this!

First worn: Not yet

Total cost: I think the fabric was anywhere from $4 - $8 for a yard. Everything else, I had.