Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Visit to Herr Mozart

Mozart and his birthday have always been a big part of what got me into making costumes. We always celebrated with a costume party in my house growing up, and as the years went on the costumes got a little more serious. And look where its gotten me - and obsession, no a passion. Obsession sounds bad :)

So in honor of Mozart's birthday, coming up on the 27th of this month, I thought I'd share some pictures of my last visit to Salzburg. Salzburg is a beautiful and very old city on the banks of the Salzach. It is also Mozart's home town. In the older parts there are no cars, and the streets are narrow and cobble stoned. Walking through Salzberg, you can still get a feeling of what  city life must have felt like two hundred years ago. And if it rains, you can always hop in a carriage...

Mozart's house in Salzburg, Austria. Easy to spot,
painted in a bright ocher yellow.

Mozart's own view. Looking out into the square from
a window in his house.

On display in the home.

A paper display gown. Pretty!

Coffee and pastries at the Hotel Sacher. Very Austrian! They love their
sweets! Be sure to try the traditional chocolate Sacher Torte.

In St. Peter's Cemetery.

View from St Peter's Cemetery catacombs.

Hohensalzburg Castle. A fort. Looks awfully foreboding under
those grey clouds.

Hohensalzburg up close.

Looking down on the city. You can see the Salzach river.

It started raining so we took a carriage. If you have never been in a
carriage, I highly recommend it. It feels completely different than any other type of transportation. Especially over cobblestones!

Cafes (kaffeehaus) are everywhere. Order a melange, which is basically an
Austrian cappucino, or a Franziskaner, which is like an espresso con panna.

What charming little streets! You wont find cars in the
old parts of the city.

The carriage ponies! Anyone have a sugar cube?

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