Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well, it's almost lace. It's really a lace footside, which is the straight edge of english lace, but it's a start. The wavy, decorative edge is called a headside

For my very first attempt at demystifying lace, I started with the footside because it seems the simplest. A good way to start. I followed a pattern from Jo Edkins' Lace School. It's a great lacemaking website. Way more informative than any of the books I have purchased.

This pattern uses six pairs of bobbins.

This footsides pattern uses six pairs of bobbins. More complicated lace can use up to 50 pairs. That's 100 bobbins! That's one crowded pillow. Speaking of the pillow, I found my roller pillow at Lacis. The bobbins are english bobbins from Mielkes Fiber Arts. For the thread I am using 60/2 white linen thread from William Booth Draper.

The beginning few inches. The frays are from
starting with proper looped bobbins, but
I screwed up, so I cut that part away.

Further along, I had to move the pattern down
the pillow. In hindsight, I should have made
the pattern go all the way around the roller.

So far I've gotten the hang of this easy pattern pretty well. Basically all you do is cross the bobbins right over left, or left over right, secure strategically with pins, and keep going. It goes very fast. I'm itching to try something harder when I run out of thread on these bobbins. Very exciting!


  1. Wow! That's a real labor of love! Good for you! Check your email for a picture I'm sending to you...The Lace Maker, by Vermeer.

  2. I wonder if you've finished yet... I'm Jo Edkins, by the way, and I'm glad you like my site. Do get in touch ( if you have any problems with my other patterns.