Saturday, January 9, 2016

Vienna: The Hofburg Palace and the Kunsthistorisches Museum

I just can't resist a horse or two!

My husband and I were walking to the Hofburg Palace, when a coach and horses crossed our path. Well, what better way to show up to the Spanish riding school than by carriage! Quite in the spirit of it.

The Spanish Riding School is where the famous Lipizzan Stallions train and preform, and have for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed in the arena, but oh, was it beautiful!

Directly across from the Riding school was the entrance to the Sissi Museum. Woo! One of my favorite costuming muses! Unfortunately, again, you could not take pictures within the special Sissi exhibit, but throughout the rest of the Hofburg, I snapped away!

Inside the exhibit, there were reproductions of some of her more well known outfits, as well as some of her possessions. She was an avid horsewoman, and one of the most interesting pieces in the collection, to me, was a leather fan for use while riding. How cool! I have never heard of that before. 

After the clothes and artifacts, the exhibit lead into the Imperial Apartments, and her rooms within the palace. Two of the most interesting rooms were her bathroom and her dressing room. She was well known for her long hair, which was a day-long event to wash, apparently. Her bath tub still sits in the room, with it's very modern (at the time) linoleum floor. Her dressing room doubled as her gym! Yes, her gym! In a gilded doorway, between opulent rooms, hangs gymnast's circles! The nearby wall is home to exercise equipment! How interesting for a 19th century Empress! 

I couldn't take a picture, but I found a link, as its just too cool not to share!

So, on through to the rest of the Hofburg...

Among the beautiful china and silver and gold, there is also "sanitary china." As in, bourdaloue and chamber pots! Awfully pretty, still!

These plates were fascinating. The rim is painted with various landscapes, in panorama. Mostly, other Austrian palaces.

A stone's throw from the Hofburg palace is the Museum Quarter. This was the Kunsthistorisches Museum. 

Hope you enjoyed a little taste of Vienna. Next, we will take the train again to Paris!