Friday, January 22, 2016

Frilly things ahead!

Yay! I've been so productive this last week! I dove into making new Edwardian undies with full force. 

I finally paused long enough to write this post because I ran out of materials. So, while I wait for more lace and things to arrive, I thought, why not an update?

Well, what an adventure these last few weeks have been! When I decided to start sewing again, I had to go find all my sewing things, which are out back in shipping containers loaded with boxes. Boxes to the ceiling. Help! 

Before I could even think about new undies, I had to move about two hundred boxes. I tell you, by the time I actually made it to the fabric, I swear I almost cried! 

So, I'm thrilled to say that I have made up new drawers and a corset cover. Both frothing with lace. I have also taken apart my old Edwardian corset, which was never correct. I did the most unorthodox alterations to it. I didn't even take it apart all the way. But it worked! I removed the binding tape on the bottom, pulled up part of the boning channels and took out the hip gores (and had just barely enough coutil left over to make new, bigger gores). Then I reattached everything and reshaped the bottom of the corset, which was too long. Now I'm just waiting on boning to come and then I'll close up the bottom, add garters, maybe floss the boning channels, and of course, bedeck the bust with lots of lace.

Just barely enough, but enough! Whew!

Now we have room for some hips!

Hopefully everything comes soon, so I can post about all the new frilly bits for the Historical Sew Monthly challenge number one. 

Any why Edwardian? Well, my husband and I own a historic building in Goldfield, Nevada, which we open to the public for Goldfield Days, in August. No excuse not to dress up for the event! Mining began in the town around 1902, and our building was built in 1907. The town was relevant into the early 20's, until fires wiped out most of the buildings. The mining was over and it basically became a ghost town. So I figure I have the first two decades of the 20th century to play with and still be in the spirit of the town and our building. And oh boy, do I have all kinds of things I want to make. Here's to hoping!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!

  2. Hello! I'm 18 years old and just started sewing historical. I live in Las Vegas and was wondering if you knew of any events where you can dress up! Your blog is lovely :)

    1. Hi, Lindsey! Yay for another historical costumer from Vegas! Well, we're a little sparse here as far as events go, but I just look at it as more time in between each one to have fun sewing something awesome :) There's the civil war reenactment at Spring Mountain Ranch every October, done by SNLHA. There's a couple regency balls put on by a dancing group that does English country dances. There's the renaissance fair, which is basically a free for all costuming-wise. And then there are various events in California, which aren't too far away.

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