Thursday, February 13, 2020

Vintage Egypt, Part 3: The Nicer Day Wear

Lace insertion.
The lace has little sphinxes and pyramids on it!

After a hot, sweaty, dusty, day out, coming back to the ship and putting on something light and cool was absolutely heaven! 

Where I live, I'm used to the heat, and the joys of having a fresh, clean outfit to put on, so I made sure to bring lots of easy dresses so I would have plenty of fresh clothes. 

A chiffon afternoon dress. This was a great piece because it
would work for both day and evening, depending on accessories.
Here, I wore it for an informal evening.
(Yep, I said informal - everyone on this trip was dressed fabulously!)

A linen dress and coat. Coat?! Yes, coat.
Covering up in the sun can keep you cooler!

I should really do a separate post for my husband's clothes.
He looked impeccable the entire trip!

Same linen dress, dressed down
for an evening trip to the souk.

A quickie dress made from broderie anglaise fabric.
Probably my least favorite dress of the trip,
but still nice to have with. If you're looking for easy,
this is how to do it - no hemming!

Probably my favorite dress of the trip.
I used an antique pattern, and tambour embroidered
little beige 'pyramids' as a motif on the collar and pockets.
I also learned to crochet so I could make cute little buttons!

These were real clothes, not "costumes'.
They got sweated on and beat up a bit.
 I wore this to a site, not knowing I would be
climbing through a three foot
hole into an underground crypt!
And yes, those are sweat marks!

This set was also made from a period pattern,
tambour embroidered with a motif of papyrus.


  1. Your linen jacket and dress are just perfect! In fact, every outfit! However did you get them ironed? Very inspiring for a summer cruise.

    1. Thank you so much! So I actually don't use an iron on trips, but I bring a travel steamer. I like the Joy mini steamer for domestic trips, and I have a not as good one that's dual voltage for international. I also pack my clothes in dry cleaning bags, which really keeps wrinkles down.

      I'm always afraid to use hotel irons. I'm worried they haven't been well kept and might spit.

  2. What a great photo op! And stunning work, as always.

    1. Thank you! It was the best background ever!

  3. Your tambour work is beautiful! It really adds a vintage touch to your linen dresses. I particularly love the first one, with the buttons. So cute! How absolutely amazing to have such adventures and in such lovely clothes!!!