Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Day Dress for Tombstone

My favorite photo from the whole weekend.
My husband spent the whole event dressed, as well.
He looked awesome!

The second dress I made for Tombstone actually turned out to be my favorite! At some point (while pleating miles of silk), I panicked and decided there was no way I could wear a silk dress in the heat of the day, and I simply needed a cool, day dress. Good thing I did, because it was HOT! And we're from hot. We know hot. Good thing I thought ahead!

So, I made up a circa 1880 blouse and walking length skirt (second win for this outfit!), out of a sheer cotton lawn. It was perfect! I used truly victorian's 1880's blouse pattern for the top, modifying the sleeves and waist treatment to my liking. The skirt was started using (I think) a late 1870's Truly Victorian skirt base, with overskirt and trim based on a dress from the Bowes Museum

The hat and accessories were based on many different paintings and photos from the era. The lace mitts kept popping up in period examples, and they were actually great for the sun. I found them and the parasol on good ol' Amazon! The hat was semi home made. I cut down the crown on a purchased hat and trimmed away.

Here are a few pics of the inside of the bodice and skirt:

I ended up wearing this dress a second time. After Costume College, we went up to Virginia City for my husband's birthday. Good times!


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  2. Thanks for posting this. I'm a reenactor in England and am moving away from 15th century reenactment (War of the Roses) to Late Victorian American West. I am looking for examples of day wear for hot weather that isn't super posh. So many extant museum pieces are couture pieces. Any ideas or advice you could give me would be much appreciated. I'm also a fan of the Truly Victorian patterns. I'm concentrating on the late 1870s to mid 1880s.