Sunday, May 19, 2013

Helldorado Parade

Yesterday, for walking in a parade, I brought out the sheer white dress for the first time. Sorry for the oh-so-atmospheric, parking lot pic :)

I accessorized with an antique turquoise bracelet and pin to western it up a bit, for the parade. The pin was actually a tie pin I pinched from my husband at the last minute. It got more compliments than anything else! 

I almost wore the Gibson girl cowgirl outfit, which would have been fab, but honestly, I didn't know if I could duplicate the hair again! And it's always fun to wear something new.

It was hot, hot, hot out and the dress was actually nice and cool. Try explaining that to every other person that said something to us like, "ooo you must be so hot in that!" Actually, since I was completely covered, the sun didn't bother me at all. I also wore my, admittedly boring, sun hat. But hey, I would have fried in a bonnet.  I did change the ribbon, though!

Now I'm off to clean the hem. Yikes asphalt.

Have a good Sunday, all!


  1. Looks lovely and very practical. I'll be attending an outdoor dance event in July and we're going to be wearing similar style dresses. Nice to hear that the style kept you cool in the sun! I'm thinking of a big wide brimmed straw hat instead of a bonnet as well. :)


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    2. Oo yes it was very nice. The breeze went through the sleeves and neck area nicely. My legs were a little warm, but I think that was the heat radiating off the black pavement and getting caught under all those petticoats. A little swishing of the hoop back and forth took care of that.

      Can't wait to see your dress!

  2. Beautiful gown. I would love to have one like it. :)