Thursday, February 9, 2012

Edwardian Opera Gloves

The ubiquitous opera glove. No turn of the century costume would be complete without them. I found some beautiful ones recently on Ruby Lane, but they are much too small for my (or probably anyone's) hands. They are in lovely condition though, so maybe I will put them up on the boutique soon. I don't like to keep things I can't use. I just don't have the space. Maybe one of you will have room for loving and displaying them, or maybe small enough hands to wear!

They are completely unworn. Actually, they still have thread attaching them together, showing they have never been used. They have a little discoloration with age, and are creased a little from being folded away for a hundred years, but all in all, they are lovely to look at and study. The gloves are white kid.

For an extensive look at the history of opera length gloves, click here.

You can see the small thread that
connects the gloves.

My hands are a modern size 7.
The gloves are a (very scant) 6 1/4.

And some ladies who would have been buying gloves when these were on the shelves:
Pictures courtesy For the Love of Opera Gloves.

Click here for Opera glove etiquette. Remember - NEVER eat with gloves on! How uncouth!

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  1. They're fabulous! By the way, how much are you willing to sell them for? I'm interested.