Friday, October 7, 2011

Williamsburg. You're thoughts? Yes, you.


So I never beg anyone to comment - though I do love it - but I'm going to Williamsburg soon (so excited!) and all of a sudden a part of me went, "I wish I could dress up, too." I am so not a dress up-er, only because I have never actually been anywhere where you can dress in costume, but all of a sudden it came over me and I was thinking of stuffing a few things in my suitcase.

I always hear of people dressing up for Williamsburg, but I don't actually know anyone who has. Any thoughts would be soooo appreciated. I don't want to miss out, but I also don't want to be the weird tourist, you know...



  1. I have been cautioned against dressing up at CW, should I ever go. Partly because it confuses the *other* tourists about who's an interpreter and who isn't, and the other tourists will also want to know about your stuff and ask the guides and it just falls to pieces.

    Personally, I'd enjoy CW as an uncostumed tourist, just to scope out the atmosphere, then if you get to go back, have at it.

  2. Thanks a million for the input. I agree. I had a couple martinis when this idea popped into my head. Good thing I asked! :) I've been before and thought it was super fun. I always assumed it was only people who worked there who got dressed, but reading other people's blogs you see all kinds of people who go and wear thier outfits. Maybe private parties...

  3. Do you read the blog "Stay-ing Alive"? Abby is a costumed employee of CW, may be worth asking her opinion on costumed tourists. :)

  4. I'm going back reading your previous blogs and came across this. Its a little late but I thought I'd comment anyhow in case it ever came up again.
    Some of us who have visited CW in costume have done it where we made a reservation for dinner at one of the restaurants, and then wandered around taking photos of ourselves. We've never had any issues and never let any of the public think we're employed there. Usually we're in a very large group, and the public does enjoy seeing all our froofroo.
    I don't live near there (I'm in SoCal) but have a timeshare nearby CW and I love it there. I also have friends who work there.
    One of my friends, Katherine Caron-Grieg, has a wonderful blog if you haven't seen it. She lives in Las Vegas too.
    BTW, I love those matelasse pockets you made.

  5. Thanks about the pockets :) and thanks for the link. I have seen her site. She makes beautiful things. Funny there's another one of us in Vegas. It's not exactly the historical costume capital of the world!

    Visiting in costume would be fun one day. Definitely in a group. The more the merrier!