Sunday, October 9, 2011

All finished!

So the black Marie Antoinette is all done! Yay! Now I can relax and chill before Halloween... well, mostly. Next comes the shoes and shortening the shift. I'm also waiting on a wig to arrive, which means I have to decorate it. Not so bad except I'm going on vacation... Hmm... Better hustle.

So here is Marie:

Some notes on finishing up this gown:

I added a silk gown skirt under the tulle, instead of just adding more layers of tulle, like I planned. I thought it looked better and more full. Tulle is also a nightmare to work with, so it was easier for me to make a real anglaise skirt.

I boned the center front edges and the center back with reed from Corsetmaking Supplies. I bought this ages ago - it doesn't look like they still carry it. But basically it is flat 1/4 reed that comes in a big bundle. It's relatively flexible and it cuts very easy.

The sleeves are trimmed with one inch black lace (I don't know where I got it) and black schlung sequins from MJ Trim.

The tucker at the neckline is black organza ribbon, basted into the neckline, with one of the finished ends cut off. The front piece is gathered and will be pinned to the stays prior to wearing the dress. I did not attach this to the front, since it would overlap at the center and look funny.


  1. This is beeauuuutiful. What a great halloween costume idea! Are you going anywhere fun in it?

  2. Thank you!!!!!!!! So nice to hear :) I'm actually having a party at our home and passing out candy. Can't wait!

  3. This is such an enjoyable and beautiful site, so artistic and informative too. Your passion and talent for your work and subject matter is very evident in everything you do. I really love the black Marie Antoinette gown, it is exquisite. Have fun on Halloween!!


  4. Thanks so much, Carmen! It's so nice to have a venue to share the things you love and are interested in. Just finished up my wig to go with the black dress today. Ooo excited to wear it!

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