Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almost done!

Front view. Pinned closed.

I haven't had a lot to say about this project lately just because there was no new news. Stitching, stitching, stitching... But now that I have finished the needlework part, I thought I'd share the construction of the actual wallet. First to note, I shortened the length of the wallet from the original plan. It would have been way too long. Now its just long enough to fold in half, with a little extra for the flap. 

The inside is cream silk, lined with canvas to keep it sturdy. The pockets are lined with canvas, too. Now I'm just waiting on some wool twill tape to come so I can bind the outer edge. I'm also going to press the inside because it's a little warped and wrinkly as of now.

Back view.

The whole design.

Pocket view.

Pocket view part dos.


  1. Thanks for the info. Love the new heading on your blog, and excited about your "boutique".

  2. Thank you! There will be more and better things for purchase soon, but I thought I'd start small just to get myself going :)