Friday, October 7, 2011

She stole my fan!

So while I was browsing online, looking for pictures of mantles and capelets I came across a cute website called Ann Lauren. Pretty things. And while I was looking at her site, I came across this 18th century print I have never seen before...

But ooooo the tart stole my fan! Borrowed it without even asking. Well, I'll have to steal her hat and get even. I do like it very much...

But really, the resemblance is awfully close. Like waaayyy close. Kind of neat, as I didn't copy any particular fan when I made the yellow one. Kind of spooky...

But in other news, I finished the main part of the black hat today and then started on a little capelet. No pictures yet, unfortunately, but it's pale yellow and blue silk dupioni. I made it reversable. Cheater cheater. It's not a real 18th century example, but I have always loved this little one. It's from a costume rental place, but isn't it charming!

OSF Costume Rentals

I haven't *yet* seen any originals that look like this one, but I have always thought it was very cute. I will be posting pictures and notes on research soon... Sorry for the quickie.


  1. Thief, thief! Call the constable!

  2. I recognize this fan...didn't you have that at the Costume Symposium in Alexandria?