Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Dressed in Time Boutique

I thought I'd kick off the Dressed in Time Boutique with a little something small and fun: mouches!

Often made of silk and velvet, mouches (meaning "flys" in French) were very popular in the 18th century amongst gentlemen and ladies alike. Depending on where you put the spot on your face, it meant different things. According to Madame du Barry, a beauty spot at the corner of the mouth meant kissable, near the eye: provocative, on the nose: sassy, above the lip: flirty, and on the chin: discreet, to name a few.

The mouches I offer are hand-cut, black silk taffeta and they come in an assortment of five per package. Each package includes a heart, star, moon, diamond and circle. Enjoy!

Francois Boucher, A Lady Applying a Beauty Spot

In the future, what you can expect to find at my shop will be mostly handmade, specialty accessories and historical accoutrement, such as mouches, garters, pin balls, handkercheifs, pockets, etc. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see for purchase in the future. Cheers!


  1. So very cool! They are perfect for covering up pimples, should your skin be prone to break outs (*coughcough* like mine *cough*). What do you recommend sticking them on with?

    I'd love to see pin balls/cushions as well as a chatelaine/chain for hanging scissors, pin balls/cushions, etc. off of.

  2. I will be working on getting all those things. I think I will also have an opportunity to order custom items. All soon!

    And I recommend sticking them with either flour/water paste or a little eyelash glue. Depends how authentic you want to get :)

  3. I think we used eyelash glue in the photo shoot I was in ... but flour/water paste sounds good to me, too!

    Excited to see all these things come to fruition!