Thursday, January 1, 2015

The New Years Dress

Happy New Year, all! 

Ok. So I decided I like the dress. Yay!

It wore it to a New Years party last night and it was very fun to wear, very comfy and stretchy, and very warm, too!

It's Butterick 5533, from the 1930's, made up in cranberry and navy plaid wool crepe. I'm not sure what year, exactly.

I ended up deviating from the pattern, which called for a continuous, lapped CB placket and buttons, and went with a side zip. I just sewed straight up the back to close the slit. Didn't have time to mess with all those buttons. 

The zip worked out great. Because of the nubbly nature of the crepe, the prick stitches almost disappeared around the zipper.

I faced the hem, cuffs and neck with self bias facing. The extra weight around the hem worked out nicely for the drape of the skirt.

And the belt.

And for the neckline, I didn't have a drapery weight, so I used a 5p. Aw, the Queen :)


  1. Aw, loved the drapery weight! I once used a sink washer, which had the bonus of having a hole in its middle--easy to sew down!

  2. Although I'm not usually into 1930's fashions (as a whole), I like that dress a lot (pattern and fabric) and it looks great on you!