Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review

As the months go by, I always think to myself how many things I would like to sew and I feel like I never get anything done, but then, by the end of the year, I look back and, wow, I actually made quite a few things!

This year was sort of empty, event-wise, so I didn't make up too many full outfits. I kind of wandered around from era to era, stitching up some things that struck me in the moment, and some that lend to vague plans for future outfits. 

All in all, I was pleased this year at the quality of my work. I think general sewing skills, as well as historical accuracy were expanded upon, and while I didn't get everything I wanted done (impossible lol), the things I did work on and/or complete, I'm quite happy with. Yay! I also made my first foray into vintage sewing, which I thought was really fun, since they can be worn modern context. 

So, here went 2014!

I started off with a whole outfit for the Jane Austen Evening. I made some adjustments to my Regency undies, made a dress and petticoat, shoes and a reticule.

For Mozart's birthday party, I made a printed cotton jacket and petticoat.

For kicks, I made a side-saddle apron. Hunt coat to follow soon!

Another skirt without a top: an 18th century, checked, pink taffeta petticoat, which will eventually have a little matching jacket with fly fringe.

And a 1907 petticoat, that was made for the 1907 outfit, which hasn't happened yet.

Fast forward a few decades to feed sack blouse. 

And some awesome linen trousers, which were wonderful for my trip to Death Valley.

For a parade, I finally got to wear the black wool, pointy-front spencer and black velour cap I finished at the end of 2013. Not sewn in 2014, but they had their first outing this year.

Back to the 18th century. I finished up a black silk bonnet, a sheer cotton polonaise and petticoat (which still desperately needs some trimming... and looks faaaaar better over skirt supports, p.s.), and a riding habit shirt.

Ooo and one of my very favorites: The Robe de Madras. So wild. Can't wait to wear this one somewhere!

The next few things, I didn't get around to writing about. I was nursing my poor pup back to health and while I was basically stuck at home, I was just not in the mood. But she's okay now!

I made a little cap, based on the one in the Robe de Madras fashion plate.

I played around with vintage skirt patterns. A "novelty" dirndl skirt, out of a cute nautical print, and a longer, circle skirt in butterfly print.

I played around with a 1940's McCall pattern, in a cranberry on white, checked cotton. It still needs it's belt done up.

Then there was a sheer, dotted 1860's dress and under sleeves. It was also the first time my knit sontag got to come out and about.

Still in the 1860's, I finished up this wrapper and apron.

And the last two projects of the year: another pair of trousers, in wool, and a wool crepe 1930's dress.

Happy new year, all! May 2015 be sew full of cheer!


  1. That is a serious amount of things to accomplish! And of course, they are beautiful things. :)

    Happy new year!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful year of sewing! I love the madras plaid, that's amazing. And your pants are gorgeous! I have yet to conquer pants ��

    Happy new year!