Sunday, January 4, 2015

The 40's Dress

While I don't love this one on me, It was quite fun to sew. I got to explore new things, like bound button holes. And wow, these little dresses happen so fast. I'm so used to yards and yards for gowns, so this was like poof! A dress!

I made it up because I was supposed to serve pancakes, WWII-attired, at a fundraiser for Honor Flights. I ended up not going, because I had to stay home with my injured pup.

Poor thing. She had a horrible accident, but she's ok now. It was a rough go, though. Two months I stayed home with her and gave her medicine around the clock. Whew. So glad that's over. She looks pretty good now and is back to her old self, albeit with one working eye. I liken her to Princess Ana de Mendoza. She's still pretty!

But anyway, back to the dress! It was McCall 3230, done up in a cranberry on white, checked shirting. It was fairly simple, but had some pretty details. It was the first time I had a reason to do bound buttonholes. Surprisingly simple, if a little fiddly, but so neat and tidy looking.

And so, there it is. I ordered a belt kit, so maybe soon I will finish that up, too.


  1. This looks great! I have this pattern too but have not made it up yet. I have a WWII event in June and it's a toss up between McCall 3230 and another pattern. Glad to hear your puppy is on the mend!

  2. Super! I love the bias trim on the sleeve ends!
    Great job on those buttonholes,

  3. Lovely! It already has a perfect silhouette and probably looks even better on the body <3 And aww, such a cute puppy!