Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Ten Minute Tea Cozy

This has absolutely no historical value, whatsoever. I can't even pretend. But it was so cute and easy, I had to share!

Lately, Ive been on a tea kick, and I've been using a sad little towel to keep my teapot warm. This morning, I was pinning all these darling knit tea cozy patterns, planning to make one, but then I was at Target today and saw this darling little knit hat and lightbulb!

I opened up the hat's seam a few inches, on one side, for the spout. On the other side, for the handle, I machine stitched a rectangle between the ribbing, sliced up it, turned the selvages to the inside and button hole stitched, with yarn, around the slit, to tidy it up. This side can be seen in the photo below. Basically, it's a giant buttonhole.

And now, I have hot tea to fuel me up for some real sewing. Cheers!


  1. :) That is adorable! I love that your teapot is wearing a pompom hat!


  2. Well, I don't know where I've been, but somehow I've missed all your January postings so far. I was delighted to see the 30's pants, the 40's dress, the delightful tea cozy! And of course, the pup! She is still pretty!
    And what about that tiara?! A great repair!
    Lots of love, and keep up all the wonderful good work! You're an inspiration!