Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Something pretty for your tuesday. A little stop at the Huntington.

A trip to Pasadena is not complete without a trip to the Huntington. It's a really lovely property. A house and galleries with lots of Georgian art, among other eras, and acres of beautiful gardens to explore. Plenty of pictures ahead...

I just love libraries! Don't you?

Whenever I walk through old homes, I love to take in
the little details, like these louvered shutters,
tucked out of sight, in their little cabinets. So clever!

The Huntington has so many friendly faces - well,
famous paintings we've all seen a million times! 

I always love this painting of Lady Hamilton.
What a hat!

Such a lovely redingote!

And Mrs. Richard Cosway...

… with a miniature. Perhaps one of his?

The Huntington has many, many portrait miniatures.
Some of them going back to the 1600's.

I do believe this is Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.

These next two ladies have excellent stomachers.

I love, love, love this outfit!
This is definitely on my to do list!
The painting is of Penelope Lee Acton,
by George Romney (1791).

Fabulous pleating!

And Miss Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse,
by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

I just love her shoes!

The sun was blazing! There was no escaping the glare…
Beautiful day, though.

… a little something pretty for your table…

What a great kerchief and hat.
I love the ribbons on her hat.

And some Sevres.

This looks like a fun party :)

I like the sleeve treatment.

The sun was shining away in the Japanese garden.

Foo dog wishes you a happy tuesday!


  1. Love love love the miniatures!! Every picture was more than pretty!! Everything is GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing and making Tuesday Pretty!!


    1. Aren't the miniatures darling! If I could paint like that, I would paint one :)

  2. What lovely clothes in all the paintings. And so many paintings! They're all beautiful! The interiors are lovely as well, of course, but not quite as exciting. :)


    1. I agree. I think it's more of a gallery now, than a preserved house. Most of the furniture is gone so it's just rooms with paintings.