Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A seriously exciting package just arrived.

Ok folks, there are a couple things that have captured me since I can remember. Like as farrrrrrr back as I can remember.

Costumes and horses.

Obviously I have stayed true to my itty bitty, young self and haven't changed a bit :)

Well, today is super exciting for me, because my very own side saddle has arrived! If there is a better marriage of history, horses and costume possibilities, I haven't found it.

Meet my saddle. 

She's a Martin and Martin, and she's an oldie. For her age, she's in pretty good shape. As far as side saddles go, they are surprisingly hard to find. In this day of finding everything in a click, this took some hunting. 

Aside from them being rather scarce in the first place, one is also limited by size, as the saddle has to fit both the horse and rider. I'm not sure of her age, but most side saddles available today date from late Victorian, to between the World Wars. Kept up and repaired, of course. 

There's always a dog or two hanging
 in the background of my photos :)

So, my challenge for 2014 will be to learn to ride aside. Tomorrow I will be taking it out to the barn for the first time. So excited!

I see a riding habit in my future...


  1. You were right about it being seriously exciting! Thank you for sharing! I hope to see photos of it in action one day.

  2. OMG I am soooo envious! I always wanted to learn to ride aside. I can't wait for your riding habit. I'm sure it'll be fabulous, like all of your costumes! :)

  3. Oh my gawwd! It's like the coolest thing ever. Riding habits are so pretty in every era. And what can be better than sewing them and actually using them afterwards!

  4. Oh wow, I loved riding side saddle and it's actually a more secure seat than astride, except rearing. You do need a horse with a smooth trot though! Or else teach it to canter from walk :)

    I assume you have a teacher? Or at least a manual? The main thing to remember is keep your right shoulder back, that keeps your seat secure. And make sure the girth is tight enough. I miss riding.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the tip about the shoulder. I just saddled up for the first time this afternoon and I can see how that would help. I do have a trainer, but side saddle is new to her, too. It's not very big here in Las Vegas! But she's very game and I got every manual I could find to pour over. It's going to be a fun little journey to learn.

  5. Oh my gosh, ladies!!! I'm so excited and so glad you all think it's as cool as I do!!! So stoked!

  6. That's so neat! I'm jealous. You HAVE to make riding habits and take fabulous pictures, so we can all drool over them. SO AWESOME!