Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Lady Never Trots

I read this somewhere and I get it now. Boing boing boing bouncy jiggly mess! Poor horse. We must work on that.

A weekend update! After this I'll be back to posting about what we love most - clothes! But I thought one last update this week about my recent side saddle adventures. 

First off, I am LOVING this! 

I was so worried it would be awkward and difficult and I would not enjoy it, despite hoping I would so badly! But yay!!! It turns out it is a fantastically fun thing to do. I think, aside from the equestrianism of it, there is something just so ladylike and elegant, and I feel a bit of kinship with ladies of the past. Much like the first time one wears a pair of stays or a hoop and you know how it feels. It's like a little bit of time travel.

So, the update. 

Saturday, I warmed up on the ground and astride, and then mounted aside. I'm getting more used to using my stick and leg simultaneously. He's a gem at the walk and we attempted a bit of trotting, but it was a little ugly. The crowning glory of my second ride was cantering. We cantered! Yay! I was a bit nervous to ask for it, but it was so nice and easy. Definitely the most pleasant of all gaits aside. It's so much fun, I went back again this morning and did it all over again.

I actually chose the barn over trimming a petticoat. Haha I'm that inspired!

Well, we are off to a great start and I'm quite hot on the idea of sewing up a habit soon. Now I just have to decide on an era… Ooo choices… 

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