Wednesday, January 8, 2014

HSF #1: Make Do and Mend

Ooo this one was timed perfectly, because I've been meaning to take apart my regency undies and make them better.

The Challenge: Make Do and Mend

Fabric: Short stays and a shift

Pattern: The stays were Sense and Sensibility. The shift was made up and purchased form the Silly Sisters

Year: Early 19th century

Notions: Thread...

How historically accurate is it? Fixing and mending has been happening for ages!

Hours to complete: Maybe 2 or 3

First worn: Just for draping a dress

Total cost: Zip!

When I made up the short stays, the muslin fit, but being that they were front closing, the boning I put wasn't stiff enough (two layers of reed on each side) so the center front bowed out, making the bust too loose, at the top edge. I guess, for my bust size, I will need a proper busk.

Last week, I went to cut out another set of pattern pieces to alter and make them back closing, so I could put a busk, but then I decided it would be much quicker to just alter the cup area on these, so I could get to making a dress over them.

So, I removed the binding on the front, cut down the cups and reapplied the binding. Really quick and now they fit better.

Ooo now I see buckling under the bust. Must add more cording soon!

The short sleeved shift was actually a purchase. I picked it up at an event. It was made by the Silly Sisters and is linen, and is made up really nicely. Only problem, the neckline was a bit too round and small, so it peeked out of squarer necklines. So, easy fix, I marked the new neckline, opened up the seam and restitched. Very quick, as well.

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  1. So glad you found my blog - so I can enjoy yours!!! Welcome to the world of sidesaddle riding. My blog is over 3 years old, so if you have time and have a question - you may very well find the answer there. The left side has subject tabs that will pull up only the posts specific to that subject. Wish I did not have to go run errands - I will be back to look deeper into your blog - LOVE you sewing projects!! - Julie