Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The plan.

So, the plan for my court gown project.

I'm taking two gorgeous gowns and pulling inspiration from both.

Cotton court gown from Kensington palace.
More about it here.

Silk and Silver Court Gown
Colonial Williamsburg
Acc. No. 1953-849,1

Both gowns are late century court gowns from Britain. They are both similar color schemes. The main difference: one is silk and one is cotton!

What? A cotton court gown? Yep, at least one existed and I got to see it on my last visit to Kensington Palace. 

I have some beautiful cotton fabric, covered in spangles, from India (oo authentic!) that I would just love to use for this. 

...Ok, so I was just getting a major flash back as I was typing -- haha -- because I have totally written this before! I wrote a post when I bought this fabric about using it for a combination of these two gowns. Wow. How ever did I forget that!?

Anyway, that is the plan and I look forward to starting on it soon. 

I can't wait to see everyone else's plans and creations!


  1. Ooo, super pretty fabric. I'm sure it's going to be stunning!


  2. That sounds heavenly! I think that fabric is perfect for this project.

  3. I thought it would be good for it. It's nice and flowy.

  4. I'm SO glad to see you up and running again. I was going through withdrawls! Ha ha.
    I read this entry and it reminded me about something from a
    I am thinking about something you might recall from a very long time ago! Do you remember wanting fabric that had silver dots, and you painted them on!??!! There's no stopping you, I find! :)

    1. Well funny thing, this silk dress is the dress I wanted to make that fabric for.

      It's taken me about seven years but I will make it someday!