Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saturday at CoCo

Saturday I hopped on a plane and spent the day at Costume College. It was way too short, but lots of fun.

I wanted to do the whole weekend, but we had guests in town so I just went for a couple classes. Janea Whitacre's thimble class was definitely worth the early morning. My flight took off at six!

We each got a darling little silver thimble and I had, like, the biggest aha! moment. Apparently I have been holding my needle wrong all these years... Woopsie.



I took a filet crochet class, as well. The class was fine, but I am rubbish at it. Like, baaaad.

I got to shop a bit, and found some nice buttons and some little silver bits, including an adorable strawberry for my chatelaine. So cute!

I'm sorry, how freakin cute is this?!

Also, I got to see a room full of ladies in curtain along outfits. Everyone looked fab! I would have loved to meet everyone, but everyone was busy taking pictures and I was dying to find some lunch. So ladies, you looked great! Well done.

Next year I will be definitely be setting aside the weekend to attend... with lots of outfits :)


  1. I wish you had stopped in to say hi!! As I was one of the curtain along ladies and would have lived to meet you in person. Next year then I suppose :)

    1. Loved* (damn freakin autocorrect)

    2. I wish I had too! Kicking myself now. Boo.

  2. What a whirlwind trip! How great that you got to take a class and learn about the thimble, something I need to learn!

    1. The thimble class was totally worth the trip. Just holding the needle the littlest bit differently makes my sewing so much faster and neater. I'm thrilled. I'll do a post about it. I'd love to share.