Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Postponed Polonaise

Hi everyone!

This has been a busy summer. I have not touched my needle and thread since mid June. I left a half finished polonaise on the dressform and it is collecting cobwebs. Naughty me.

I was planning on finishing it for the fourth of July, but then we went on vacation, bought more horses and started building a house. As I said, busy.

But I finally got it together and thought I should post something on here. So, I share with you my no-where-near-done polonaise.

The jacket, hastily pinned...


This 18th century polonaise is based on the fluffy, frilly numbers I've seen in fashion plates. It doesn't look like much now, but when the sleeves and trim are finished, I'm sure it will start coming together. The pattern is draped, based on information I have gathered. And don't judge the square front bits, please. I haven't shaped them yet.

And oh the trim.... I think this is why I found myself too busy to work on it. Oh gosh, theres like a million yards of ruffles to be hemmed, gathered and applied. I'm a bit daunted, I will say. But I am a bit proud of my teensy hem. Just sayin.

Trimmin' away!

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer. And sewing more than I am!


  1. Lol, going on vacation, buying horses, and building a house sounds way more fun than sewing anyway!
    (Wish I could have just one of those!)
    I hope you are having a wonderful summer.
    I know the ensemble is going to be smashing!

    1. I hope it will be. I just don't like to neglect one thing I like for another. I wish I had time for everything!

  2. Yes, fun stuff to HAVE TO attend to, but glad to see a new post! Looking forward to seeing the finished polonaise!
    And,...of course, regards to Harlow!

  3. That is a crazy tiny hem! And everything is right when you post critter pics.

    1. Haha impatience is winning out and the hem is getting sloppier by the minute!