Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Love Bows

I love the rococo-esque bows on this 1888 evening gown by the House of Worth. It's always interesting to me to see designs on Victorian garments that would be quite at home 100 years earlier.

Silk Evening Dress
House of Worth, French, 1888
Metropolitan Museum of Art
#2009.300.2993a, b

It's also interesting to me when I come across larger dresses, since mostly one sees dainty little waists. Who wore this dress? A lady of mature years perhaps?

And I love the pleats and bow at the hem!


  1. Caroline, wonderful dress isn't it. So simple and yet sooooo elegant! I love bows, too. This dress was worn by Sally Hewitt or her mother Mrs. Abram Hewitt of New York. It is a Worth Gown. Sally was apparently very Rubenesque and collect textiles. Apparently, she is reported to have been enormous but amusing of the two sisters, but they both were of a size typical of that time, (1880)'s. We tend to forget that being Rubenesque or well rounded was not looked down on in those days. Thin and tall is a 20th century standard of beauty as you know. Anyway, I love this dress. It is featured in the book: The Opulent Era: Fashions of Worth, Doucet and Pingat. Cheers

    1. Ooo thank you for all the great info! Fascinating about Sally!

    2. You are welcome. I thought I recognized the dress from one of my books. I am always fascinated by the people who wore them. Cheers.