Friday, June 8, 2012

The $700 Fashion Book of Wow

I was running errands on the strip today with a friend. We were walking around Crystals and decided to pop into the Assouline store. They have the most beautiful coffee table books!

Right in the front of the store The had a massive pink book called "The Impossible Collection of Fashion."


I mean, massive. It's over a foot wide and HEAVY!

I started flipping through it and it had 100 of the most "iconic dresses of the twentieth century," or so it said. The book was beautiful. Hand made, only a certain amount produced, with each dress image mounted on the pages so you can take the images out and frame them. 

The dresses were very beautiful, begining with a Worth gown and ending with I don't know what, because I kind of got bored when it hit the 90's...

I would have loved to come home with this beautiful book. The only thing stopping me was the $695 price tag! Oh jeepers. But it was fantastic to look at and if you're ever in Vegas stop by Crystals and take a peek at it. I'd say it was worth it.

Or check it out online at Assouline's site, where I found these pictures.

The green dress on the right has geometric panels sticking out of it.
Up close the panels look very, very much like the boning on an 18th
century pair of stays!

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