Monday, August 11, 2014

Evading fitting anything...

Before I left town last week, I was putting off getting into my stays to fit my chintz quarterback. I was just being lazy.

Well, after spending the week eating my own weight in all things tasty and bad for you, there's no way I'm squeezing myself into anything. So, solution, finish the wrapper!

Last fall, I started an 1860's wrapper. I got caught up in other things, so it got put aside. Now, I thought I'd finish it.

I really like the fabric. It's been really fun to play around with the stripes. The pattern is Laughing Moon Mercantile, but I changed it and decided to only line the bodice. It's so hot here, as little lining as possible is a good thing. I really like this pattern's shoulder, by the way. It drops pretty far down the arm.

Eventually it will have buttons and a belt. I did up coat sleeves, but decided they were too stiff, so I switched to bishop and left them unlined. I'm still sewing the piping on the collar. I also added some horizontal trim at the hem. Pics to come!

So, tonight I'm finishing up the collar and watching some Pride and Prejudice. Yum.

And ugh, my darling puppy has discovered thread. Thank god he didn't swallow it...

He is a nightmare.

But gosh he is cute!

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  1. The wrapper is coming along beautifully, can not wait to see final photos! That is my favorite version of P&P w/MM & KN from 2005! Your puppy, he does look kind of scary in that great photo! Jack Russell mix? Keep him away from the good fabric - he might try to eat that next!