Friday, August 29, 2014

And so it begins.

Here's to knitting my little fingers off. Cheers! Oh, but those sleeves are just so fabulous and worth it.

And, in other news... The Robe de Madras. One of my favorite fashion plates. Such a crazy, loud, bonkers fabric. I totally love it. A totally different direction than the LWD. Toquet a Pointes in the near future. And snazzy little polkadot bag, too, I'm sure.

Details (and better pics) to come. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, all!


  1. OMG I WANT THAT SWEATER. Please please please post about your pattern, and the things you learn, and everything! I want to know all the details!


    1. Will do! The pattern is Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions 1902 Cycling Sweater. I got it on ebay.

      There's also a similar free pattern on ravelry:

      It had a different collar, so I bought the other pattern. I'm not an advanced enough knitter to change patterns yet.

      You should make one! It's coming along pretty quickly so far!

  2. Ooh, I've pinned that sweater, wanting to try and make one, it's cool that a pattern is available! I shall have to contact the seller and ask if it is possible for an e-version as the shipping costs twice that of the pattern though. Do share how you get on with it :)

  3. OMG that madras regency dress is to die for !!!!