Wednesday, August 13, 2014

All wrapped up! HSF #14: Paisley and Plaid

Cheesy, yes, but I couldn't resist :)

So, the busy summer is winding down and now I'm back on the Fortnightly bandwagon. Yay!

The Challenge: #14, Paisley and Plaid

Fabric: Reproduction print cotton, cotton for lining and apron sides, and embroidered cotton for apron.

Pattern: Laughing Moon Mercantile, for the wrapper.

Year: Mid 19th century

Notions: Cotton tape for inner waistband, buttons, string for piping.

How historically accurate is it? Pretty good. I don't think I did anything glaringly modern. The apron probably would have been hand embroidered and not purchased embroidered. And I think the buttons are plastic.

Hours to complete: I didn't keep track. Started it last year and put it aside until last week.

First worn: Not yet!

Total cost: I bought everything last year so I'm going to claim stash. But in all honesty, I think the embroidered fabric was a pretty penny...


I really liked the top half of this pattern. The shoulders and neckline and everything were great. I wasn't so thrilled with the skirt. I felt like it didn't have enough fabric to lay gracefully over the hoop. Unfortunately, I didn't check this before hand, and found out after I had already gauged the skirt to the back and assembled the front to it. I just didn't have it in me to take it apart to add more fabric. Plus, I don't think I even had enough fabric.

When not belted in, it really shows how the pattern could have used more fabric. I suppose I can wear it with a smaller hoop, or no hoop at all.

I do love wrappers worn open. At first it's kind of hideous and tent-y, but I think it grows on you. It's such a distinctive look.

My favorite part of this project was having fun with the pattern. I chose a special part of the fabric for the piping, and then used the big brown motif for most of the accents, like the hem border and belt. 

I changed the inside of the wrapper from the pattern, which called for a fitted under bodice, which laced up. I couldn't see a good reason to go to the trouble, so I just lined the top half of the wrapper and added a inner belt instead, to hold the back of the wrapper close to the wearer's back. I attached the ends of the belt to the side seams.

The wrapper has massive pockets on both sides. All the better to hold your iPhone with... And snacks.

My finishing touch for the wrapper ensemble is this petticoat/apron piece. I constructed it like an apron instead of a full petticoat. I attached a triangle of embroidered fabric to plain cotton, to save the precious fabric. Someday I would like to actually embroider one. My "someday" sewing list is getting longer and longer!


  1. It looks really good! I have similar problems whenever hoops are involved. I always feel like I don't have enough excess in the final skirt, but while I'm assembling it, it looks like I'm going to get buried under a mountain of fabric! I think your embroidered under-petticoat/apron is lovely.

    1. Thanks! Usually I used too much fabric. I should have looked at the measurements before I started. Ah well, I wouldn't have had enough fabric to make it larger anyway...

  2. Lovely, and such clever use of your fabric. I know what you mean about the "someday" sewing list though!

  3. Gorgeous fabric, looks pretty authentic! And lovely details too, thanks for showing the construction. I don't think I'll be attempting any wrappers soon, though they do look distinguished, I'm pretty sure they won't look distinguished on me.

    1. Thanks! They are rather fancy and distinguished... considering they are basically a bath robe!