Monday, April 29, 2013

Shopping like Jay Gatsby

Happy Monday all! A quick one today, but a fun one. 

I was with my husband this weekend, shopping at the Forum at Caesars, when we walked past Brooks Brothers. I've never been in before, but apparently it's America's oldest menswear brand. I always dig stuff like that. 

What caught our attention was the big Gatsby display in the windows.

As you can read below, the costumes in the movie were greatly influenced by the Brooks Brothers' archives. In the spirit of the film, the store created a collection based on the movie. Very fun. 

My husband ended up buying the green sweater on the left mannequin. He was super excited about it, saying how vintage 20's it looked. I think he's secretly a costumer, too, though he just hasn't realized it yet ;)

It really is a good looking sweater.

I love vintage trophies!

Now, can the ladies please just get a Mr. Selfridge display so I can buy an amazingly huge Edwardian hat off the rack? Guys have all the luck :)


  1. Great article, Caroline!

    My billionaire employer is a dedicated Brooks type, and he sees to it that all my butler "uniforms" (from casual to tux) are from Brooks as well.

    It's a terrifc store with a unique range - from stodgy and staid to modern elegance. Were Gatsby a real person, I feel quite sure he would have shopped there.

    Hope you're having a nice spring.

    1. I hope you're having a lovely spring as well!


  2. Swooning....goodness knows what I would do if I saw an actual man dressed this well and with so much care. Thanks for all the eye candy:)

    1. Ooo I agree! Love a man in a good suit :)

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