Monday, April 22, 2013

No fabric in sight...

So, something just pretty for today. Because it's monday and everyone needs something pretty on a monday :)

This was pretty cool. The other night, at the Cosmopolitan, there was a fashion show of gowns made entirely of paper and plastic. No fabric in sight. The gowns were designed by artist Jennifer Henry. The exhibit/collection was called Flock Flock Flock.

The creations were really fabulous to see. Huge, fluffy dresses, wafting and sparkly, glittery ones slinking down the runway. My personal favorite was a cinderella confection of clear cellophane that caught the light and practically luminesced. Too pretty! There was also a really dramatic pouf of black paper that made quite an impression.

Take a peak at the video below and catch the end of the show, when all the models came back out together. Pretty, pretty!


  1. I loved this! The dresses were fabulous. Made me recall the "phenomenon" of the 1960's paper dress. You can look them up on line. Of course, they were mostly A-line shifts; nothing like the incredible ones posted here, but as they say, "everything old is new again!" Have a wonderful day!

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