Monday, May 14, 2012

Cream Silk Mitts

I have never made mitts before, so for a first try, I'm pretty pleased. 

I started with a pattern by Mill Farm, but by the time I made the mockup, it needed so much work I might as well have draped it from the start and it would have been easier. I don't recommend the pattern at all. The thumb is super long and fits poorly into the hand, the point is wonky and the general fit is just off. Boo.

So after lots and lots of tweaking and recutting and ripped seams I got the right fit and started on this pair. I used a cream plain weave silk, bias cut, and the embroidery is done in a rusty brown perle. It's cotton but I didn't have any silk on hand.

The mitts are hand sewn and the seams are done with herringbone stitch. The edge is fagotted together (top photo). For the thumbs, I topped stitched them down with cream thread and then ran the herringbone over it for decoration. The other seams with the herringbone are actually held together by it. 

The fit is good, but I think I will add a fagotted slit at the inner wrist. At first I thought this was purely decoration, but I think it takes some of the bulk out of the wrist area, while still allowing the mitt to be pulled over the hand. See the "S" shaped slit on these white mitts from England. The pink pair (bottom) do not have the slit. I wonder what these looked like on the lady who wore them and how they fit? Did a little wrinkling at the wrist not matter? The piecing together of the fabric on the pink mitts is very interesting too.

Silk mitts, England, 1760-80.
Acc. No. 1985-216,1
Colonial Williamsburg emuseum

Silk satin mitts
Acc. No. 43.1969a-b
Museum of Fine Arts Boston


  1. Lovely work! Will you be putting some up in your shop?!

    1. Thanks :) I don't know about the shop tho. They're tricky to get a good fit. Im not a mitt expert yet lol