Thursday, May 17, 2012

Because she who dies with the most fabric wins...

Yay! New to The Stash. I found this great cotton print at Fashion Fabrics Club. It's black on white and reminds me of block printed 18th century fabric. Bummer it's not super authentic, but oh well, I fell in love with it anyway. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility something like this might have existed... Perhaps?

Though it is black and white, and the below swatch was actually colored, the designs seem reminiscent to me. The fabric below is from Old Sturbridge Village. The dress below that is from the Victoria & Albert. Maybe my fabric would lend itself well to a dress like this. I'm going to do some searching to find something appropriate to make with it.

Length of fabric, a floral pattern with stripe.
Block-printed in sepia and shades of rose and red.
East Indian for the French market,
2nd half of the 18th century

V&A (T.274&A-1967)
Printed cotton lined with linen, c. 1785


  1. That's EXACTLY the kind of late-century dress I was thinking of as soon as I saw your lovely new fabric, before I even scrolled down! I think that's totally plausible.

    1. Oo yay! Im do glad someone else thinks that! I searched all morning for a similar extant fabric and couldn't find anything - which is super annoying because I'm like 99% sure I have seen something similar. Doesn't that just always happen?!