Monday, August 22, 2011

Chintzie Has Sleeves and a Skirt Now


So she now has sleeves and the skirt has been attached, but not yet hemmed. The edges of the skirt were pressed over and sewn up with a running stitch. The pleats in the back and front are pleated toward the pocket, and the pocket slit is hidden between the pleats. This makes the gown much more attractive, with no chance of a gaping pocket. How embarrassing! Ooo!

The pocket slits are sewn up with a running stitch and are reinforced at the end with a buttonhole stitch and a thread bar. The stitching isn't super small, but the fabric is so crisp, it's not moving anywhere.

Next will be the front closure, the hem, securing the lining, and the petticoat. And when my organdy comes she will get some pretty ruffles.

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