Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspiration of the Day

So I was browsing 18th century jackets online and I came across this one. 

Lady's caraco jacket of printed cotton, c. 1790

This jacket was auctioned at Christie's in 2009. Its from the 1790's, and its listed as a "Lady's Caraco Jacket of Printed Cotton... of white cotton printed with a brown leaf meander, with charming kick-pleated skirts and elegantly shaped sleeves.It went for 15,000 pounds (about $25,000 US). Wow. 

I found these printed cottons on Nauvoo Quilting and Textile Co. They aren't quite white and brown but they have the same feeling, I think. But I'll keep looking, I'm not totally convinced. The first one is pretty close, but the background is awfully dark...

The pattern looks similar to the bodice of the anglaise from Norah Waugh's, The Cut of Women's Clothes.
Robe a l'anglaise, early 1790's.  London Museum.

Although, the Christie's jacket doesn't seem to have a seems that indicate a zone front, like the above illustration. It most likely pins closed with a compere front. Another detail to note, the pleats at the peplum look like they might be pinked, and unlike the above picture, the pleats are more concentrated to the rear of the jacket, in a half moon shape.

It's really sweet. I think I'll make one :)

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