Saturday, August 27, 2011

So recently I've been pretty busy, but I did have time to set in the sleeves of the little pierrot and start finishing up the front closure. I also made a false rump, which would have been worn with this style, instead of hoops, which were starting to go out of vogue by the 1790's.

The sleeves are set in.

I've snipped the back, which was pointy from the pattern, to allow for the peplum.

Using a running stitch, I've created boning channels down each side of the center front.
This creates a much cleaner looking front, that won't wrinkle and pull at the waist.

I also made a false rump from a Wingeo pattern. It was verrrrrry easy and it went together - hand sewn, in probably less than two hours. Highly recommended. Only thing I can say is, it only comes in one size, so if you are a bigger person, I'd recommend enlarging the pattern so the rump gives enough poof. For the fabric, I used the same white linen I had on hand from the lining of the pierrot. I've stuffed mine with fiberfill, whereas the false rumps of the period were originally made of cork.

The main rump piece pre-stuffing.
Stuffed, and tacked on my dress form with pins.
All finished, with the waist band channel and twill tape run through it.

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