Saturday, January 12, 2013

Those pesky dark photos...

So often when one goes to a museum, the lighting is so low that your pictures end up looking like a blurry dark blob.

Above is a photo I took, on my phone, of one of Queen Victoria's mourning dresses. Now, disclaimer, I do not ever claim to be queen of photography. Most of my photos are snapped on my phone, with just enough effort to get a picture. I'm sure low light photos can be easily taken with a snazzy camera, but for today, I'm talking about working with the basics, so you can decipher photos for study, not for framing and putting above the mantle...

So back to fixing this. 

Below, I just used iPhoto, which comes standard on a mac, to enhance and lighten the picture enough to be able to appreciate what the photo is of. Further below, the same photo has been lightened excessively. Not so pretty to look at, but look how clear the buttons and sleeve caps and pleats become. Fabulous for study! And night and day from the original picture.

I'm no computer genius, but I will say, on most computers there is some basic photo editing software. You can also use an online photo editor. Monkey with the brightness, contrast, saturation, and shadows and you will be amazing what will pop out of the dark.

Just be sure to save an original of the photo, just in case you monkey too much...

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