Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three 1862 Fashion Plates from "Le Monde Elegant"

These very pretty fashion plates were one of my souvenirs from Portobello Market. I found them at a little antique book seller's stall. I was kind of sad to see they had been removed from a book, but another part of me was very excited I got to buy them :)

The three plates are from "Le Monde Elegant," which I have never before heard of, but I am assuming it's along the lines of "La Mode Illustree" or some similar publication. They are hand colored and the color is still wonderfully vibrant, though the paper has browned a little with age.

They were the last three fashion plates this seller had, which was very lucky for me since I am currently looking into 1860's fall fashion. Meant for me! These three are from October and November, so they're perfect.

I will soon be doing up a Civil War ensemble for an event in October. This is great to have such relevant examples!

What great trimming on this purple dress.

And I love this button front!

Maybe I will look into making some
great outerwear too. The black coat
is so stylish!


  1. What a nice find. The button front is such a unique and simple option, quite elegant.

    1. Yes I agree. The cuffs on her sleeves are kind of fun as well.

      I do have some green silk...