Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ooo Antique Lace!

It was nearing four o'clock and a lot of the stalls were packing up. We were just about to go into the Earl of Lonsdale for a snack and a drink when I spotted lace. Lots of lace. Just hanging out, unassuming, next to the union jack key chains. 

I nearly had a heart attack as I got closer.

There was just so much of it, and all in such amazing condition. Some were so, so old! There were scads of victorian lace, a surprisingly large amount of 18th century lace and even a fair few going back to the 16th and 17th centuries. I asked where they acquire it and the man said his mother goes to lots of estate sales and fairs in small towns.

There were so many examples that one could be picky. I found quite a few with no brown spots and barely any holes. To the casual eye, they look almost new. I bought mostly 18th century bobbin lace, though looking back, I should have picked up some mid-19th century lace to trim my new 1860's bonnet. Damn. 

So take a browse. I have listed them with the labels that were put on by the owner. I haven't really had a chance to go and check my lace books to see if she was 100% accurate, but I'm going on good faith she knows what's up. Needless to say, they are all hand worked. Enjoy!

Collar and cuffs.
The whitework is finished but they have
never been cut out. The selvage has pencil
marks indicating it is from a professional
workshop in France. The work is
absolutely meticulous!

This picture and the one below show the backside.


  1. Oh, so lovely! What a beautiful find! Thank you for sharing your purchases.

  2. I'm drewling and a bit green with envy!