Monday, September 26, 2011

The sequined lace has arrived!

I woke up this morning and the sequined tulle I ordered from Thunderlily arrived. Yay! And it is beautiful! Prettier in person than on the website. And the edge has a lovely scalloped finish that the website didn't show, so I'm double pleased.

The black tulle also came a couple days ago. While I wait for the black silk to arrive, I'm working backwards, so I started on the overskirt. I've started with two layers of tulle, pleated to attach to the bodice. The dress from the movie closes at the back, but I'm going to make it have a front closure to make it easier on myself - both in general fit (it's more forgiving if you change size a little) and ease of dressing. I think I'm going to add two more layers because as of now it doesn't look luxurious and pouffy enough, but yikes, tulle is a nightmare to cut properly. It has so much give. To help in cutting, I laid it out on the carpet and stuck pins into the edges, down into the carpet. It helped make the fabric more stable and less slithery. After pleating, I sewed down the pleats on the machine and zig-zag stitched the edge to keep it more orderly.

Pocket hoops are from Period Corsets
and stays were made by me.

A close up of the stays. All hand sewn and made by me a
few years back. The boning and supplies were from The fabric I think came from Joann. I draped
the pattern myself, using pictures of the pink corset from
Pirates of the Caribbean for reference.

Here's a more unobstructed picture. It is shown over a shift I
bought from Williamsburg when I was like twelve. Over the years I
have opened the neckline and done little repairs to it. I
thought that was very 18th century of me to alter something instead
of just getting rid of it when I grew out of it :)

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