Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eye Candy on a Wednesday Morning

Or, day dreaming about my sewing wish list...

American, mid 1880's.
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A frilly, satiny, gorgeous corset has been on my wish list for a while now. 

So far, my only Victorian corset (that fits) is a basic, white coutil, 1860's version. I've never been super into the 19th century, but after the last few outfits I've researched, made and worn, I've developed more of an appreciation for that long stretch years, and fashions, spanning Queen Victoria's reign. 

Honestly, I think I've been a little daunted by the complexity of garments and the frequent changing of shapes and silhouettes, during the Victorian years. The 18th century is so safe to me! I'm so comfortable there. But ooo I like a challenge. And change.

In the 21st century, I dress really quite neutral. A lot of black, a lot of grey, not a lot of frill. Some of this spills over into my costuming. As in, I get more excited about the plain brown wool than the gorgeous pink moire that's been hibernating up in my stash for the past two years.

But I do day dream about frilly... 

Right now, I'm salivating over the idea of a fabulous 1880's corset to go with my brown wool gown I am so loving right now. 

I am especially loving this cream satin corset from the Met. And see what I mean, monochrome off white is my fabulous! But really, I love this one! Click the link and check it out with the zoom feature. Drool.

I am in love with the bust cording! I think I have some satin ribbon I
can use for the bow.

Next month I'm headed back to England.
I'm planning on visiting my favorite lace seller and hunting down some
nice 19th century lace edging and beading for the top.

I'll have to find some nice, matching perle for the flossing.

So far, I have a pattern to start with. I think it's Truly Victorian. I have a couple yards of ivory silk satin from Pure Silks, as well as some good coutil to flatline the silk to. 

Ivory silk satin from Pure Silks. In person, it looks
much more rich and heavy and has softer looking folds.

I have a busk and boning that's waiting to be cut, and some nice ivory silk satin ribbon for the bow. Next month, when I'm back in London, I'll go visit my favorite little lace stall at Portobello and I hope to score some nice antique lace for the top. Aside from the lace, which is just frosting, I have pretty much everything I need to get started. Once the busyness of Christmas is over, I hope to get started on this. I'm really excited!

I'm especially excited for the challenge of working with a satin weave. I think a lot of testing will have to go into the techniques, like the cording and the exterior boning channels. I've never worked with satin on a project like this. I hope it's not too fiddly.

Have a happy Wednesday all!


  1. That is a beautiful corset! Your fabric looks lovely as well. All of the detail on the corset is really quite exquisite. I look forward to seeing your interpretation and the process.

    It's so exciting that you're starting to like the 19th century. I'm the other way around... totally comfortable in the 19th century and only just starting to get to know the 18th.

    Best, Quinn

    1. Im looking forward to finding time to start on it. I'm in Christmas gift mode right now, so the costumes are on the back burner :(