Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Little Trip to The V&A

For those of us who stayed home this holiday weekend and did not travel, I thought I would suggest a little trip across the sea to one of our (yes, I'm sure anyone who reads this blog loves this place - how could you not!?) favorite places: The Victoria and Albert Museum.

The V&A is one of my very favorite museums for costume research. I haven't yet been to Kyoto, but I'm sure the Kyoto Costume Institute will tie for first if I ever get to go! But back to the V&A. 

Top five reasons why I love it:

1. It always has some kind of great costume exhibit going on.
2. It's in London
3. It has a huge shop
4. The shop has amazing costume books
5. You can take pictures!

Ok. Let's go!

Is that a mini pinball I see hanging
about her waist? Such detail!

Teeny, teeny, tiny, teeny!

What great colored stockings!

I want to make these mitts! Too cute.
I have some leftover chintz...

Aha, so that's how they get those
big sleeves...

Look at the embroidery on the waistcoat!

I think this fabric is so simple and charming,
 especially for the era. Not everything was
over the top!

I absolutely LOVE the insides!

Ooo look it's me! Well, half of me :)

Isn't the ombre ribbon fab!?

I would totally wear this today!


  1. I love the V&A. My one trip there in 1999 has been a source of inspiration ever since. Great pics!

    1. I wish the pics were better. My camera was doing this weird purple flare thing that was driving me nuts. It's like on very other picture! Finally got that fixed... Months later oops.

  2. Wow ! amazing pictures, thanks for sharing ! *love love love*

    As for the V&A, it doesn't have to worry about its first place : there is no KCI museum in Kyoto, 'cause it's not a museum, it's a collection. They only have a showroom where they, sometimes, show 2 or 3 pieces. As for researchers, same punition : the collection is not open, under no condition. There is only a pictures database : been there, done that. The only way to see the KCI collection is when they do exhibitions in some great museums.

    1. Oh boo about the KCI! Oh we'll, bright side: I guess I don't need to worry about another trip, as I have the book. Bummer, though.

      And happy to share! Field trip! :)

  3. Thank you for taking me on this trip. I've only been to the V&A once and it was fabulous. But I was not into costuming then so spent my time looking at other things. Lovely lovely time!

  4. Oh, how nice it would be to go! Maybe someday....
    Thank you so much for the photos and this post!

  5. I also love V&A. When I stayed in Londos I passed hours looking to the amazing textiles they have. I hope I can go back soon. Of course i agree with your top five reasons ; )


    1. Oh I wish I could have spent hours! The husband gets bored watching me ooh and ahh over pleats and stitches haha

  6. Thank you so much for these great pictures! Someday I will get there.

    1. You must! London is just totally awesome anyway. There are a million historical excuses to plan a trip!