Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

In a recent post, I wrote a brief thank you to all the ladies who gave me the Versatile Blogger award. Now, I finally have a chance to sit down and write up a proper post. Yay!

First off, thank you again to Teacups Among the Fabric, Thread-Headed Snippet and Sew 18th Century. Thank you, thank you!

Next, seven things about myself. Let's see... I'll stick to sewing related.

1. I have loved costumes since I can remember. Costumes and horses. Now I ride every day and, well, you all know about the costumes. I could probably die happy ;)

2. I started mentally costuming long before I ever knew sewing was an option. As a kid, I would probably drive my mother crazy, going "today I'm wearing this and this and this..." And it went on. All imaginary of course. For example, "Today I'm wearing a 1910's white walking skirt etc etc... the jacket goes like this... the hat... the gloves..." It would get quite detailed, actually. Costume nerd at eight years old.

3. My best friend and I used to "call" dresses for our "closets," when we watched movies. Titanic was a favorite. As in, "I call Rose's yellow and white dress." Then a battle would ensue... "No! I called that last time!" At least I had a partner in crime. We used to play dress up, too.

4. Sometimes - often - I go on a fabric binge and shopping for modern clothes takes a back seat. This is very handy, because my husband doesn't seem to realize that fabric adds up just as much as clothes, and I get a pat on the head for not shopping too much. Teehehe.

5. It all started around Gone with the Wind. I was in preschool and I had the flu. Couch for two weeks, watching it over and over again. As I got older, panniers outshined the hoop skirt, and I have gone years not giving the 1860s a second thought. Recently, while working on outfits for a civil war event, I have a new appreciation for the era. I think I'm falling in love again.

6. My very favorite 18th century extant gown is this one from the Dewitt. When I was in high school I actually attempted to paint zillions of silver dots to recreate the fabric. I was all gung ho about it until about two yards in, when I gave up and tucked the fabric away. I still have it, though it's poly silk and so it will probably never get used. Oh well.

7. My very first vintage purchase was a pair of black velvet 1940's boudoir slippers, with peep toes and self fabric bows. I am still in love with them.

And third, fifteen other blogs, who I would like to nominate. I think they're supposed to have under 200 followers but I couldn't find the amounts on every blog so I will just nominate some of my favorites. Of course, leaving out the three ladies who nominated me, each of whose blogs I follow and love.

1. 18th Century Stays - not frequently updated, but great resource for extant stays.
2. All the Pretty Dresses - tons and tons of extant dresses.
3. An Historical Lady - gorgeous photos and her house is sooo lovely!
4. Before the Automobile - just beautiful!
5. Enlightened Age - interesting tid bits of history
6. Festive Attyre - her curtain along has been a blast
7. Kleidung um 1800 - lovely c. 1800 costumes
8. Madame Modiste - ooo Victorian...
9. Passion for the Past - By a man! Lots of pictures.
10. Romantic History - lots of beautiful mid Victorian
11. Saltpetre and Pins - lots of 18th century reenacting
12. Stay-ing Alive - lots of 18th century sewing
13. Stuck in the 18th Century - even more 18th century!
14. The Quintessential Clothes Pen - she goes to the most gorgeous events!
15. The Virtual Victorian - I just enjoy it!

And honorable mention goes to American Duchess, who has like a bazillion followers, but I just love her blog. Like, a total favorite!

Cheers, all!


  1. "By a man!" Ha! I love it.
    Thank you!
    Ken from Passion for the Past

    1. There are so many historical blogs by women. I love your site!

    2. Thank you - - I really am honored!

  2. Thanks, Caroline! :)