Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some very pretty fabric, an inkwell and a snuff box.

Last time I was in Williamsburg I bought a ton of reproduction printed cotton. I got enough for two simple dresses. I am absolutely in love with this "bat wing" fabric (above), but I don't know what to do with it. Part of me thinks the answer is pretty straight forward: simple anglaise, but another part of me loves the print so much (and it's surprisingly modern), I almost want to make something I can wear out of the house. Or something for my house, like some great throw pillows. I'm saving it till the lightbulb clicks.

Below is more reproduction cotton from Williamsburg. This is much more "18th century", and I'm sure I will be whipping it up into a dress soon enough. Though it would make very pretty bedding...

But in the mean time, while I wait to get inspired, I will still be working on my 1804 dress embroidery. I've been picking it up as I can, fitting it in while I watch TV. I haven't been super diligent about finishing it, but since I have no deadline I'm trying to relax and appreciate having something fun to work on. I really enjoy embroidery.

In other news, I have been doing a lot of antique shopping. A couple especially cool finds: I found a beautiful silver, late 18th century ink well and my husband found the most awesome silver snuff box. It's 1780's and is in AMAZING condition. It looks like it was never used. The hinge is very strong and smooth. He uses it for vitamins :)

The little box in the middle is fixed to the tray.
I wonder what to put inside... Maybe my seal and some sealing wax?

The ink pot.

The pounce pot, or sander.

The ink pot and sander still have their original crystal pots.
They have a lovely etched circle design down the sides,
echoing the beading along the edge of the silver.

Isn't the filigree work on the sander superb!?

The charming little snuff box.

No doubt the design is hand tooled.

The inside is gold washed.

The Anchor is for Birmingham, the "ML" stands for the maker,
Matthew Linwood, and the "P" in the shield denotes the year, 1787.

To give a perspective of size. It's very cute and small!
Just a little teeny bit of scratches.


  1. I love the batwing fabric! Beautiful! Maybe make a jacket, then use the extra for a modern dress or pillows?

    1. The batwing just speaks to me :) caroline, caroline, carrroooolinneee ... Sew me!!!! I like the idea of the jacket. I will have to look into cute designs...