Monday, April 30, 2012

Accessories in a 1785 Watercolor

'January' from 'The Months', by Robert Dighton
Great Britain, c. 1785.
Victoria and Albert Museum
Museum no. E.33-1947

I love all the fashionable accessories depicted in this 1785, British water color. And is it just me, or do those chairs look like they have slip covers? Did they use slip covers that long ago?

So back to her outfit. The lady has a powdered and frizzled hair style, covered with a large dormeuse style cap, trimmed with green ribbon that matches the bows on her rust-colored gown. I imagine the dress is silk. It looks nice a shiny in the water color. The sleeves are long and trimmed at the wrist with small ruffles that look embroidered. She wears a kerchief, tucked into her gown. Her petticoat, which is a light pink, is trimmed in a ruffle and looks like it may be scalloped or pinked at the edge. Over it, she wears a very delicate and sheer apron. The apron looks to be embroidered with white work. Her shawl has a small repeating print - maybe embroidered or roller-printed? Her shoes are light pink - maybe silk? They have latchets and buckles that appear to be silver.

I love her outfit. I especially like the long sleeves, which you don't see every day, and that apron is beautiful! Where ever will I find sheer enough fabric to recreate one?

Are those people out the window ice skating? Looks fun :)


  1. That's a great really take a look at something. Bravo! You made me aware of many things I would have glossed over! :)

    1. It all started with the apron and then I was hooked.

  2. The long sleeves with the little frill were called amadis sleeves - just a note! I love the name and the sleeves.

    The transparent aprons are the best. I cannot imagine where you would find fabric that light, though!

    1. Amadis sleeves? Very cool! Thank you for sharing. It's such a cute look!